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In early 2018, New You Health Studio moved to a new patient portal to better serve you.  You can access that portal using this link:

New You Health Studio Portal

As we are working very hard to get into this new system as quick as we can to continue to provide exceptional service, we would as that you follow-up on these items in preparation for your next appointment:

- electronically sign the HIPAA and consent forms
- complete the four questionnaires of medical history, medications, etc
- add any medications and supplements you currently take
- upload a current photo (or risk us taking one in the office!!)
- allow a few extra minutes for check in upon arrival so that we may verify demographics with you on site

We do understand that this is time-consuming and appreciate every effort made to help us give you the best possible care and attention while IN our offices and having these items completed before your next appointment will certainly help make that happen!

Thank you,

The Staff at New You Health Studio